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The Government of La Rioja denied having authorized a mining operation that was denounced by environmentalists who this Thursday blocked the passage of vehicles in the city of Vinchina.

The complaint against the Executive was made through a statement signed by the Riojan Anti-Extractivist Assemblies Regional UAC Cuyo-NOA, which accused the government of Ricardo Quintela of supporting open-pit mining.

From the Riojan Executive it was officially reported that “during the administration of the current governor of La Rioja, Ricardo Quintela, authorizations were not issued to develop any type of exploitation.”

“We will not endorse any extractive mining system that uses harmful and polluting elements, such as cyanide, that alter the environment or that involves the use of large amounts of water,” they said in a statement.

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The Executive also stated that “in the case of the El Potro Glacier, it is an activity that takes place in the territory of the province of San Juan.”

“We understand that without a social license, without the consent of the citizens, no activity can be promoted or carried out,” they indicated and added that “the State is the one who must ensure the protection of its natural heritage and respect the will of the citizenry.”

And they added: “We will continue, as we have been doing, defending with a federal perspective, the autonomy of the peoples, as well as the life and health of its inhabitants.”

He also stressed that “on several occasions the Riojan president stated” that “the problem is not mining but the system they use” and stressed that “those open pit with polluting elements are not positive for anyone.”

Finally, it states that the governor “as it will be remembered, was always in defense of the environment, when he was mayor of the Capital, Quintela was the main promoter for the approval of ordinance 4930, and declared the municipality” non-toxic, non-nuclear and environmentally sustainable. ”.

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