River and Boca sign a historic agreement with Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo

“What we are doing today is fundamental. It is that we shake hands with all those who have accompanied us and those who continue to accompany us, in this case, football”, said Carlotto.

“They leave us with a complete soul, because it is a step forward, an example for society. We are in an exemplary act for society: River and Boca and in between, the Grandmothers”added an excited Wake.

For his part, the president of River, who will leave office next December, argued that “In life one has a position taken and it is the commitment to human rights and the search for grandchildren.”

grandmothers river boca2.jpg

“I am personally identified with this cause and with all those that allow to end the horror. Here a few blocks away the World Cup (1978) was taking place while here people were killed and one did not know what was happening”, manifested D’Onofrio.

“As Argentines we have to always be together. For the good of football, for causes like these, we have to always be. We are two locomotives. And these two locomotives have to be with the people, to achieve a better society.”, large.

While, Ameal, highest authority of the Ribera club, said: “I am summoned by life. I have disappeared friends, I have grandchildren, we have to be very careful with denialism”, he reflected.

“Our commitment has to be permanent and we, from our institutions, can do a lot, because there is a press that tries to hide. The ideology of human rights does us very good. You are life, if you had not existed, no We would know what happened. The Grandmothers are eternal, we are all, millions to continue the struggle of the Grandmothers “, pointed out the owner of Boca.

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