“Riverdale” Season 7: Trailer shows Archie & Co. in 1955

What is Riverdale season 7 about?

In an interview with “Variety” Madelaine Petsch revealed what fans can expect from Season 7. The Cheryl Blossom actress promises the final season will be “less crazy” than previous seasons. Although she was shocked by some of the plot twists, they shouldn’t be as violent as usual.

“There’s one pretty important thing about my family life that’s bizarre and amazing. Otherwise, this season is very down to earth and about relationships. You really get what made the show special in season 1, which is the relationships in the City. It’s a little less crazy this season, but there are still some bizarre things happening.”

Season 7 will take place in 1955. Archie, Betty and the rest of the gang are all teenagers again, back in high school, and Jughead is the only one who remembers Riverdale today. It’s unclear how long we’ll stay in the ’50s, but showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa assured fans other storylines from Season 6 will be picked up.

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