WEAR - Jefferson: prison caused PTB membership to fade -

Former deputy and president of the PTB Roberto Jefferson was admitted this weekend at the hospital linked to the prison where he is preemptively detained under the accusation of acting in attacks on institutions and the Supreme Court (STF). According to PTB vice president Graciela Nienov, Jefferson presents with high fever, low blood pressure, tachycardia, pain on palpation in the liver region and accumulation of fluid in the legs. The party leader defended that the former deputy be taken to the Samaritano hospital, outside the prison system, under the allegation that the State Department of Penitentiary Administration would not be able to offer treatment to the prisoner.

The pivot of the monthly allowance scandal, Roberto Jefferson is imprisoned in the Bangu prison, in Rio de Janeiro, by order of the Supreme Minister Alexandre de Moraes. He is accused of participating in a digital militia formed to attack democratic institutions. Last week, the STF virtual plenary denied a request for habeas corpus so that the former deputy could be released.

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