Roberto Palazuelos confessed his love to Paulina Rubio and she ridiculed him in public

Mexico.- Roberto Palazuelos, actor known as the “Black Diamond”, revealed that for several years Paulina Rubio stole his heart, because he was in love with the “Golden Girl” for a long time.

During an interview on the famous show Carla Díaz “Pinky Promise”Palazuelos revealed that as a young man he was struck by the singer, however, despite his great love he had to go through a shameful experience with Paulina Rubio.

“The Black Diamond” said that on one occasion he recorded a cassette for the singer where he confessed his true feelings towards her, but used it to make fun of him in public.

I was very much in love, I was very young, so instead of writing a letter, one day when I was in trouble, I recorded a cassette for him ”, revealed Roberto Palazuelos.

Roberto, he recorded a cassette revealing his love for Paulina Rubio.

According to the businessman, “La Chica Dorada” asked that the recording be played during a party where he was with many acquaintances.

We were at a meal and suddenly he hands it to the DJ and they put it on you. Suddenly you hear… ‘Pau, I love you’ and I’m like a motherfucker ”, revealed Roberto.

After telling this story Carla Díaz and Jorge “The Donkey” Van Rankin They could not contain their laughter and laughed tremendously at Roberto’s story, who now takes it as something funny, but revealed at the time that it was very uncomfortable.

“The Black Diamond” revealed that it was a great shame that Paulina put him through during the event, but despite that uncomfortable story he still loves her, but not with the intense love of a few years ago.

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