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The dance floor of ShowMatch was witness to a fierce defense that Rocío Marengo made against her partner Eduardo Fort.

When the jury of the Program It was proposed to give the return and qualify Marengo, Marcelo Tinelli noticed the uncomfortable situation and consulted about it.

Rocío Marengo (Photo: Instagram)

“Are you okay?” Asked the driver of the Program, Marcelo Tinelli, to the contestant who could not contain her emotion and burst into tears in front of everyone.

“Yes, I am happy to be here, giving everything, with many injuries, and well, I am excited that they recognize that one tries to give everything. I am not a dancer, it is obvious, you know, but we come from a week of a lot of work ”, recognized Rocío.

Rocío Marengo (Photo: Instagram)

The story of the dancer continued and prior to her retirement she reproached Eduardo Fort. Marengo did not hesitate for a moment to talk about the current situation with his partner. “They may not understand. The truth is that I have been in a couple for eight years and also I’m collapsed from rowing, trying to save what is ours, “she exclaimed. Marengo.

“I have been with him for eight years and he is not able to come to bank,” said Rocío Marengo.

“I am fed up, repodrida, eight years I am next to him banking to the ex. I have been with him for eight years and he is unable to come to bank. He is ashamed, he lied to me, he told me that because he did not have the vaccine he was not going to come and he went to the United States, ”the contestant explained.

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Rocío Marengo (Photo: Instagram)

The motives

“I let off steam on the track, work is a balm for me. It has always been my refuge. All my life I worked a lot. Right or wrong, I always stayed current working on the best projects and formats, not only in Argentina but in Chile as well ”, explained Rocío Marengo.

I collapsed, I am like that in life, I had had a very beautiful night, very high scores and I felt that I was leaving the track and had not told what had happened to me, it was not just the dance, the no dance, the trick or the no trick. There was something else, I have been rowing for many years and today I realize that he is not with me, that he is not there, I collapsed and I told him ”, said Rocío in reference to the abrupt event last night.

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Rocío Marengo (Photo: Instagram)

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