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Irina Rodnina called Anna Shcherbakova a successful “catch-up” before the fight for the European Championship

According to her, this is not the first time that Shcherbakova has to “catch up” with competitors after an unsuccessful short program.

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Photo: TASS

Figure skater Anna Shcherbakova is able to win a medal at the European Championship in Tallinn, despite falling during the short program. The ten-time world champion in figure skating Irina Rodnina announced this to RBC Sport.

“Anya is a well-known and successful catch-up. It is not the first time in her career that she has such cases when she needs to bypass her rivals during the free program. So, there is every chance of winning the European Championship medal, ”Rodnina said.

During the short program on January 13, Shcherbakova fell from a triple lutz, but, according to her, avoided serious injury. After the promulgation of the judging protocols, it turned out that the judges disagreed in the skater’s assessments. So, the French referee put Shcherbakova in tenth place, as a result, the athlete remained in fourth position.

At the same time, the Olympic champion believes that skaters should not discuss refereeing at the end of the competition. “Skaters have a golden rule – never discuss the decisions of the judges. For this there is a panel of judges, a technical committee. Unfortunately, some athletes and coaches do not understand this, ”Rodnina said.

Rodnina called the rental of Kamila Valieva during the short program a great achievement, but said that only the public needed the sum of points for the skaters’ performances. “Has Valieva set a new world record? For me, figure skating and records are not compatible. There are indicators in the form of points, seconds, but here only points. Yes, she completed a purely very difficult program, this is a great achievement, and the sums of points are needed only for the public, ”said the interlocutor of RBC Sport.

Kamila Valieva broke the world record in the short program at the European Figure Skating Championships. For the rental, the athlete received 90.45 points. The second place is taken by the Belgian Luna Hendrix (76.25), the third is Alexandra Trusova (75.13). The world champion in 2021 Anna Shcherbakova showed the fourth result (69.05).

Valieva is the reigning champion of Russia, the owner of all three world records in women’s single skating – in short and free skating and in total.

The women’s free program will be shown on January 15. Their performance will complete the competitive program of the tournament.

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