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Atletico Mineiro

Leader would have punched and kicked in the VAR’s operating room after the referee did not score a penalty from Zaracho, still in the first stage.

Rodrigo Caetano, executive director of football at Atlético-MG (Photo: Fabio Castro/AGIF)


Rodrigo Caetano, executive director of football at Atlético-MG (Photo: Fabio Castro/AGIF)

One day after the Atlético-MG beat Santos by 3-1, and keep the distance to the vice-leader Flamengo in the Brazilian championship, the executive director of football at the club Rodrigo Caetano he said, in an interview given in Cidade do Galo, that he will contest the version that the referee reported in the scoresheet, that he would have punched and kicked the VAR’s operating room door.

Paulo Roberto Alves Júnior wrote that Caetano said “stop stealing from us”. At 11 minutes into the first half, Zaracho invaded the area from the right and was brought down by Wagner Palha. The referee, however, opted not to signal the penalty, which generated the revolt of the top hat, according to the report.

This Wednesday (14), Caetano said the following about the subject: “Our indignation is great about what happened, but far from what was reported in the summary and we will contest it”. In the same match, Atlético-MG had two penalties in their favor. In the first, Nacho scored the direct goal and, in the second, he took advantage of João Paulo’s rebound.

The fact that the VAR didn’t even call the referee made Caetano uncomfortable: “Everyone can make mistakes. But why didn’t the VAR call a bid that sparked all the controversy? This really makes us sad, disappointed and, above all, on alert. We want the so-called isonomy”.

The top hat also informed that he has already made the request at the CBF (Brazilian Football Confederation), and made a suggestion: “We are requesting audios between the field umpire and the video umpire. Unfortunately, this is not disclosed and, if I have to go to CBF, we will do it”.

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