Florencia de la V debuted at the head of her nightly program in America and will also take the reins of Intruders

First the rumors settled, and then came the confirmation: Rodrigo Lussich and Adrián Pallares leave Intruders (America TV). The fate of the journalists is more than clear and, according to what has transpired in recent days, they will move to e morningsltrece. However, while they wait a reasonable time to officially announce their next steps, They have already begun to say goodbye to the channel in which they worked for so many years.

“Well, I know we were going to say it on Monday, but since we’re talking about programming…” Lussich said. With a wistful smile and a gaze fixed on the camera, he told his audience the news. “Next week is our last week against Intruders so it’s going to be a goodbye week. Don’t abandon us. the last week of Intruders with this management, Adri and who speaks to them. So join us more than ever because we love you with our hearts”He added.

Rodrigo Lussich announced his departure from Intruders

Since Jorge Rial’s resignation from the cycle, which occurred in February 2021 after many years as host, Lussich and Pallares took the reins of the program and together with a group of panelists they carried out the cycle.

January 21 will be the last broadcast with the male duo leading and giving birth from January 24, The role of host will be taken by Florencia de la V. The vedette will stay throughout the summer and, if the numbers accompany her, she will be able to renew to stay permanently.

Florencia de la V debuted at the head of her nightly program in America and will also take the reins of Intruders

“I had a surprise meeting with the authorities in America, who thought that I was the ideal person to do this replacement. Today I finished confirming because they gave me time to think about it”, De la V explained to THE NATION. It is worth clarifying that she has two work commitments within the channel, as a panelist In the afternoon and with its own program, The night of the V, which is broadcast every Saturday at 10pm and Sunday at 9pm.

Angel De Brito’s departure from eltrece He left a gap for the morning show that will be taken over by Adrián Pallares and Rodrigo Lussich. However, to see them with the new shirt is still some time away. The idea of ​​the channel is that they arrive with part of the current team of Intruders and that they do it after the summer season.

Until that happens, the schedule that occupied The angels of the morning (eltrece) will be disputed by us in the morning -which will last half an hour and will last until 11:30 a.m.- and for a morning classic from that channel: The Fox, the series that was broadcast between 1957 and 1961 and spent so much time on the channel’s screen.

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