Rodrigo Lussich spoke in Intruders about the supposed new conquest of the China Suarez in Madrid. There are rumors that associate the actress with Javier de Miguel, a renowned Spanish model. The driver after speaking on the subject launched a spicy phrase about Benjamin Vicuña.

Lussich expressed: “Let Vicuña thank us for everything about the affair with Luciana Salazar because China Suárez is having a great time”, after the Chilean actor was upset by the version of romance with Luli.

After that, the driver staged the Spaniards with whom Suárez was related in recent days. this is how the chicaneo to Vicuña continued: “That Mario Casas, that a model, that China have a boyfriend in Miami. And the other one is so miserable. Luciana Salazar raised the price a little“.

After the comments about Vicuña’s ex who is traveling for work with her children in Spain, Rodrigo shot with humor: China is brave ”. This is because the actress has also made some spicy posts on the networks, after the visit of the Chilean actor to his children.

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In her Instagram stories, La China posted a photo of a poster with a drawing, which resembles the page of an intimate diary made by a child that said: “I was crying for nothing after I realized it”. This particular post without major words happened after the actor’s visit.

Although true to her style the actress did not give more information, this also occurred after the visit of her ex and in the midst of the rumors that associated him with Luciana Salazar, after seeing them together over the weekend. Although the actor was offended by the rumors, something motivated China to make the particular post.

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