ROMY 2023: Felix Kammerer is nominated as “discovery male”

Is it actually Felix Kammerer’s first leading role, which he has in “Nothing New in the West” (4 Oscars, including “Best International Film”!)? Incomprehensible! Because the native of Vienna plays an emotional depth in this film, which can usually only be seen after many years of experience. The young soldier, who goes to the front in World War I with such enthusiasm as if he were waiting for the Christ child, soon feels firsthand that war is no playground.

Felix Kammerer doesn’t seem to know the limits of the “game”. His looks and his acting seem so “real” that one is quickly drawn into his world while watching. Although the actor knows what awaits him on the journey, Felix Kammerer plays this martyrdom that his character experiences so naturally, so genuinely, with a joy at the beginning that ends in absolutely dull disillusionment and the character quickly “matures” with it. leaves. You don’t need a lot of text here, looks are enough.

(Portrait: Markus Freistätter)

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