Ronald Acuña Jr. exhibits his power in the Cardinals nest

Venezuelan star outfielder Ronald Acuña Jr. exhibits his power at the Antonio Herrera Gutiérrez Stadium, home of the Lara Cardinals.

These days it has been possible to observe the proximity of the Abuser with the Lara Cardinals, because he has been seen in one of the Round Robin matches, after posting a message on his Instagram account where he says he wants to be part of the birds red.

Now, he could be seen practicing batting in the Cardenales park, where he exhibited all his power and mounted one of the balls above the middle of the stands, in a stadium where it is very difficult to hit home runs, but Acuña Jr. It is not a story and all his talent is simply something out of the ordinary.

Maybe the Cardinals wants the Abusador’s company to give him luck and that the twilight can access the final, in a fight that has been very tough in this Round Robin, where at this moment the Caribs and Magellan are in qualifying positions.

El Abusador comes from winning the World Series ring with the Braves and in that batting practice what he shows is that he is more than fit.

Author: Carlos Quijada

Twitter and Instagram: @abogado_quijada

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