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The former Mekano girl practically campaigned for her preference on Election Day.

Rosemarie Dietz
© InstagramRosemarie Dietz

The former Mekano girl Rosemarie Dietz He celebrated through Instagram how his presidential candidate José Antonio Kast became one of the two candidates for La Moneda who went through the second round of the elections.

The young communicator spent practically the whole day promoting the candidacy of the representative of the Republican Party through her Instagram and already on Sunday night she ended up celebrating.

“We are going for Kast my people to vote for a better and calm Chile”Dietz called from early on, sharing videos and memes alluding to the candidate.

Later, he was shown “waiting to vote”, in the middle of the line for his table.

Rosemarie Dietz: The Former Mekano Girl Party By Kast

And once the consolidated results were released, Rosemarie celebrated by stating: “Well my Chile … Let’s go to the 2nd round so that we win “.

“For a free Chile … without fear he finished off”, while watching the press broadcasts from the command of the standard bearer of the Republican Party.

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