Rossi, between the bitter taste for Boca's tie to the emotion for the gift that Messi gave him

“We played a good game, a great effort. But we have to keep working to adjust things to win the games.”, said the goalkeeper to the official broadcast of the match.

Secondly, Rossi referred to the experience of being summoned to the Argentina national team (replacing Franco Armani) and have been in the game that was beaten 3 to 0 to Bolivia, by Playoffs for him Mundial Qatar 2022.

“I felt emotion to be in the Argentine national team. My old man could not see me because it was a year since he left us, but my family helps me a lot. The important thing is to be there and see that the effort one makes is worth it”, confessed the goalkeeper ‘xeneize’.

As if that were not enough, with emotion, he revealed: “And I also took the shirt from Lionel Messi’s game, which I asked him to sign. I didn’t frame it, I didn’t wash it, because he used it in the game and it looks like this.”

Lionel Messi


I know last night’s tie Boca was ninth with 15 points in the table of the Professional League, to eight of those who head it, Workshops of Córdoba and Lanús.

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