Rugby in Santa Marta 'takes strength' - TODAY DIARIO DEL MAGDALENA

An outstanding performance had the Samarian delegation that participated in the National Rugby Tournament that was held in the country’s capital.

‘Samaland Rugby League’ in the men’s and women’s categories showed that this discipline is gaining strength in Santa Marta.

In the men’s competition the final was between Armadillos de Bogotá and Samaland, the match lived up to expectations, with a high degree of speed and skill shown by both teams in the end the locals won the title after defeating the Samarios 20-16.

As for the female branch, the Samarias fought until the end, but it was enough to win the subtitle after losing in the final 10-8 against the Universidad del Rosario.

The Samaland Rugby League roster in the men’s branch is made up of:

José Rodríguez, Sebastián Rodger, Andrés Jiménez, William Hernández, Julio Carillo, Robinson Rodríguez, Nelson Parada, Leonardo Delgado, Daniel Núñez, Jesús Pertuz, Deiner Marín, José Rua, Jorge Cantillo, Jean Villamil and Jesús Delgado.

While the female branch is led by: Xilena Camacho, Lenis Díaz, Danna García, María Fernanda Tache, Rosa Barrios, Katherin Santrich, Jemily Santrich, Valentina Gómez, María Virginia Cantillo, Dana Mendinueta, Paula Mancilla and Valentina Novoa.


Rugby in Santa Marta has been gaining followers thanks to the work that coach Andrés Jiménez has been doing. who seek support to continue massifying the sport “we are looking for sponsorship for next year, to make agreements and place the logos of the sponsors on our new uniform or other agreement that is finalized.” Those interested in supporting this discipline can contact 3016795865.

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