Rui Nabeiro: an example of “honesty”, “generosity” or “character” | Rui Nabeiro

From all parts of society and even across borders, reactions to the death of Rui Nabeiro, founder of the Nabeiro – Delta Cafés group, seen by all as an example of generosity, honesty or character, are pouring in.

Delta Cafés recalled the businessman as “a truly inspiring person who made his life and passion for coffee an example for all Portuguese people.” “Unique in its human qualities and values, it leaves us a legacy of generosity, empathy and closeness”, said the company in a statement on social networks.

The Association for Economic and Social Development (SEDES) pointed Nabeiro as “an example for the country”, “a great man, a great businessman and a unique and consensual personality of our society and our history”. from SEDES, in a note sent to Lusa.

For the Associação Empresarial de Portugal (AEP), president Luís Miguel Ribeiro, highlighted Nabeiro’s “outstanding business vision”, stressing that the businessman, who he was a member of the General Council of AEP and an honorary member, he put Portugal and Campo Maior on the map.

“Comendador Rui Nabeiro was a man with a rare entrepreneurial spirit, with outstanding ethics and a business vision”, he told Agência Lusa. Emphasizing the sadness with which the death of Rui Nabeiro was received by the business class, the president of the AEP highlights that humanist values, legacy, honesty and respect for others “marked the course of this great Portuguese businessman”.

The Confederation of Commerce and Services of Portugal (CCP), in turn, considered Nabeiro “consensually” one of the greatest Portuguese entrepreneurs ever, highlighting his “distinctive spirit” and his “permanently expressed social concern”.

“Rui Nabeiro possessed a remarkable intuition, an inexhaustible sense of innovation and a business strategy and vision that, over decades, transformed the Delta Group into the not only national but also global example that it is today”, he says in a note from to weight.

Quoted in the note, the president of CCP, João Vieira Lopes, recalls that “one of the main characteristics of Rui Nabeiro was really knowing how to listen, an innate feeling that it was necessary to understand what others thought”, specifying that this “was fundamental in the way he faced his business, understanding the needs of workers, partners and consumers”.

In Timor, the President of the Republic mourned the death of the founder of Delta Cafés, a “good and generous man” and recalled the Portuguese businessman’s efforts to promote Timorese coffee abroad.

“A long life of great business initiatives, of creating jobs, wealth for Portugal, for the communities where Delta was installed”, said José Ramos-Horta, speaking to Lusa in Dili. “I have a fond memory of him. A good person, generous to workers and their families,” he recalled.

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The president of the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) also recalled Nabeiro’s connection to the sport and to Campomaiorense, the only Alentejo team to reach the final of the Portuguese Cup.

“His connection to football was made through the local club that saw him born, which with his support took Sporting Clube Campomaiorense to the highest level of our football and to the final of the Portuguese Cup, being, until today, the first and only Alentejo emblem to be present at the great Jamor festival”, said Fernando Gomes.

In a message on site of the FPF, the president of the organization recalled a “relevant personality of Portuguese society, a hugely successful businessman, a man of great character and feeling”.

“Rui Nabeiro leaves us a precious legacy that the country must value and take advantage of. To his family and friends, I leave the possible word of comfort and the most heartfelt condolences to people and the institution that I represent”, he said.

The commander died this Sunday at the age of 91 at Hospital da Luz, where he was hospitalized for “breathing difficulties”.

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