Ruslan Khasbulatov.  Photo: Mikhail Japaridze / TASS

Ruslan Khasbulatov. Photo: Mikhail Japaridze / TASS

– … Ruslan Imranovich, first of all, happy birthday to you.

– Thank you my friend! Thanks!

– You have a Caucasian health! Tell me, now you will be actively preparing for your 80th birthday, or what?

– No, I never prepare for anything.

– Understood. How will you celebrate today? 79 years old.

– As always. We will drink tea at home.

– Oh, well, yes – you can’t have alcohol? It is not accepted in your customs …

– And where is it impossible? Sure. But I haven’t consumed for a long time.

– Have you quit smoking?

– Unfortunately, he did not quit smoking.

– Then I will ask you a question as the head of the Department of World Economy at Plekhanovka. Here is Russia from which will recover faster? From inflation, economic crises or from covid? Or is it parallel?

– When the governing revolution occurs, then – we will begin to recover.

– What is it like?

– Now, if at all levels we have 100 percent of managers, firstly, professional, and secondly, honest – honest, who have a conscience, there is such a concept – shame, then there will be shifts.

– And with covid?

– Well, how is it with the covid? It is difficult for me to criticize here, I am not an expert. Although, from my point of view, in general, the problem was rated very badly. Here, you see, even at the top somehow: here – let’s get vaccinated voluntarily, voluntarily, like – you can’t force …

And I think you can. And – it is necessary! It’s a disease.

And at the very top it was necessary to say: “You know what? Well, it’s enough. Jokes aside. We cannot risk the lives of our fellow citizens. We need to be vaccinated. It should be mandatory. ” And, I assure you, the problem would have been solved long ago.

– Clear. What would you like to receive today? Burka? A horse? Saber? Or … a hat?

– I have everything. And a hat, and a saber, and a burka. Well, the horse is more difficult. By the way, the horse was presented to me once in Kyrgyzstan, but it remained there – my war horse.

– OK, it is clear. And what then – instead of a horse?

– A kind word is what I think is the most valuable. What else? – Then – more kind words to you today!

– And – to you, Alexander. All of us!

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