Russia equals record for daily deaths with 1,254 coronavirus deaths

Russia today reported 1,254 new deaths from coronavirus COVID-19, the same number as a day before when the country added the third consecutive record of deaths from the contagious disease, according to data from the operational center to fight the coronavirus.

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The highest number of deaths was recorded in Moscow (93), in Saint Petersburg (75) and in the Krasnodar region (72).

Since the start of the pandemic in Russia, 262,843 people have died from the infectious disease, although official statistics on excess deaths in the same period almost double this figure.

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In addition, 37,120 new cases of covid-19 were registered throughout the country in the last day, which means that Russia has been experiencing fewer than 40,000 daily infections for eight days.

In Moscow, the main focus of the pandemic in Russia, 3,239 new infections were detected, in Saint Petersburg 2,637 and in the Moscow region 1,885.

In total, the country accumulates 9,294,188 cases of coronavirus today and is therefore the fifth country in the world after the United States, India, Brazil and the United Kingdom by the number of documented infections.

The Russian authorities attribute the sharp increase in new infections and deaths to the aggressiveness of the delta variant, the lack of strict compliance with sanitary rules by many Russians and, above all, to the low vaccination rate in the country.

According to official data from last Friday, in the nation that was a pioneer in registering its own anticovid vaccine, only 58,713,240 citizens have received the complete vaccination schedule, which places herd immunity at only 50.2% 80% to which the authorities aspire. .



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