Russia: Vladimir Putin urges coronavirus vaccination, but opposes making it mandatory

President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday reiterated its call on Russians to get vaccinated against covid-19, while stating that the decision to immunize should remain voluntary despite the rise in deaths from coronavirus for weeks.

SIGHT: Putin gets the booster vaccine against the coronavirus, the Sputnik Light

“I recommend that everyone not only get vaccinated on time, but also revaccinate,” he said. Putin at a government meeting by videoconference.

However, he reiterated his opposition to mandatory vaccination, despite the vaccination campaign in Russia, where a part of the population continues to distrust national vaccines.

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“I believe that vaccination should continue to be voluntary,” he stressed. Vladimir Putin, inciting to “convince” the Russians of the need for vaccination rather than forcing them.

Only 37.2% of Russians are immunized to date, according to the specialized site Gogov.

In mid-November, Alexandre Guintsbourg, director of the Moscow Gamaleïa Center, which developed the Sputnik V vaccine, said that the pandemic would not end until vaccination was mandatory.

Some regions of Russia They have already imposed it for certain categories of citizens, such as Moscow, which in June ordered mandatory vaccination for employees in the service sector.

Putin, vaccinated half a year ago, announced Sunday that he had received his third dose.

He claimed on Wednesday that he was also given a nasal vaccine this week, which is currently being tested in Russia. “I did not feel anything,” said the Russian president, adding “having done sports this morning”, less than 48 hours after this procedure.



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