"Russian bayonet" at the belly of the United States: why Americans are so annoyed by the possibility of deploying Russian military in Latin America

US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan: “The United States will give a decisive answer if Russia will deploy its troops in Latin America.”


Blimey! As soon as Moscow hinted that, in response to further NATO advance towards its borders, it could ask Cuba or Venezuela to “shelter” our military facilities, when an irritated cry came from Washington: “The United States will give a decisive answer if Russia will deploy its troops in Latin America. If Russia moves in this direction, we will deal with this decisively. ”This is what Jake Sullivan, US President’s National Security Adviser, said at a meeting with reporters.

I just want to tell him: what, from now on Russia is obliged to ask the United States for permission, with which countries it can conduct military cooperation, and with which not? Or does the United States consider the whole of Latin America its fiefdom? And after all, it turns out very unfairly: dozens of American military facilities and bases are deployed on the European continent, near Russia, but we cannot “quarter” on the Latin American one? Where and in what UN documents is it spelled out that the issues of military or economic cooperation between Russia and the countries of the same Latin America must necessarily be coordinated with Washington? And if, for example, the governments of Cuba and Venezuela officially turn to Moscow for military assistance, then will the US slap them in the arms too? Well, we are not American boors who, without the permission of the UN and the legitimate government of Syria, brazenly climbed into this country, and when they were asked to leave, they did not even react to it.

I understand that the mere thought that 90 miles from US territory may not even be nuclear, but operational-tactical Russian missiles, which, in case of a mess, will reach both Washington and New York, makes the Americans shiver like a puppy. The “Russian bayonet” attached to the belly of the United States is a very uncomfortable thing. And how do the Americans intend to react “decisively” to the possible deployment of Russian units in Cuba and Venezuela? Bomb them or sink our ships and submarines on the way to these countries? Or shoot down military transport planes? What if they are not military equipment, but oil equipment? So maybe we will then have to do the same if US ships and aircraft continue to supply weapons to their bases in Japan or Ukraine?

Yes, guys, they haven’t hit you for a long time, if you decide – they say, everything that is permissible for the United States is unacceptable for Russia. Will not work. The brains of American politicians and generals have clearly not yet been removed from the dirty “ideology of omnipotence.” They still feel like the masters of the earth ball, who are allowed to do everything. And who believe that opponents should play only by American rules (don’t the recent talks in Geneva and Brussels confirm this?).

But Russia is no longer the “trophy of the Cold War” or “obedient girl” as she was perceived in the United States in the 90s, after the fall of the USSR. But Washington is far from being the “director of the planet.” Moscow will never allow him to dictate with whom to be friends and cooperate. And it will interfere, – we will also answer “in the most decisive way” …

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