Russian interest increased after Russia helped Syria fight terrorists - Rossiyskaya Gazeta

The popularity of the Russian language in Syrian schools is increasing. The laureates of the Pushkin competition “RG” and other teachers working in the country speak about this. In Aleppo alone, about ten thousand people study Russian.

There are hundreds of children from mixed marriages in city schools. Their motivation to learn Russian is the opportunity to leave for Russia to study and work, the newspaper Izvestia writes. Tatiana Fedotova, a Russianist with a diploma from the St. Petersburg Pedagogical University, is convinced that interest in the Russian language has increased after Russia helped Syria to fight terrorist groups. Its popularity is especially high among high school students and students who dream of studying in Russia.

According to the head of the Russian language department at the Higher Institute of Languages ​​at the Aleppo State University, Mustafa Osman, Russian is also being studied in Ithaca, Homs, Damascus. In Syria, they remember well how Russian was taught in Soviet times. And the current interest in Pushkin’s language is called a revival. It is also supported by the state strategy.

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