Russian officer set a world record on the crossbar - Rossiyskaya Gazeta

The captain of the Russian Armed Forces, Denis Yakovlev, has set a world record in a complex strength exercise on the horizontal bar and will fall into the Guinness Book of Records. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, Denis Yakovlev, a teacher of the Omsk military cadet corps, performed 255 cycles in a complex strength exercise on a horizontal bar in one attempt without lifting his arms, spending almost three hours on the bar. The record was registered by the official representative of the Guinness Book of Records in Russia, the chief editor of the Russian Book of Records Alexei Svistunov.

The military department explained that the complex strength exercise on the gymnastic bar includes four exercises of one cycle, including pulling out by force, pulling up, bringing the legs to the bar and lifting with a coup. The implementation of this complex continues in one sequence until the maximum number of cycles is reached, without jumping off the bar and without lifting your hands.

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