‘Rust’ Filming Resumes After Shot Killed Alec Baldwin

Camerawoman fatally injured in shooting by Alec Baldwin

Cinematographer Bianca Cline has been hired by Hutchins to “complete Halyna’s vision” for the western, according to the release. Chief camerawoman Hutchins (42) was fatally injured at a film ranch in Santa Fe (New Mexico) in October 2021. Baldwin was handling a gun in rehearsal for a scene when a shot went off. Director Souza was hit in the shoulder by the projectile and injured in the incident. Investigations revealed that the Colt had a real bullet lodged in it. Baldwin always denied any responsibility for the fatal incident.

Hollywood star and gunslinger Hannah Gutierrez-Reed must answer in court. Prosecutors in New Mexico filed involuntary manslaughter charges against both in January. Several civil lawsuits are also pending in the case.

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