When Sabrina rojas announced that he had parted ways with Luciano Castro placeholder image, many speculations were put on the table and Jimena Baron She was one of the women who got involved amid rumors of a new romance with the actor.

And it is that both the interpreter of The Cobra as Castro they have had an excellent relationship for years, and will work together on a new film that will show off-tone scenes between the two.

However, what attracted the most attention is that at that time it was discovered that Jimena and Sabrina no longer followed each other on social networks, a fact that surprised all Internet users and pointed out that there was a conflict between them over one of the most handsome men required.

However, some time later, Rojas whitewashed her new relationship with him. Tucu Lopez, ex-partner of the jury of The academy, so the real reasons for the “elimination of friendship” turned towards this new possibility of rivalry between the actresses.

But to nip this type of rumor in the bud, the protagonist of the play Nudes was as a guest to the study of The Morning Angels, where in addition to revealing the details of his break with Castro, he confessed the true reasons for his virtual fight with Barón.

“Jime is very good friends with Lu. Luciano loves her, he loves her very much. I was often with her because we have worked together. But later they stopped seeing Luciano, so I didn’t see her while she was with the Tucu ”, Sabrina began by explaining.

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She also made it clear that she did not feel comfortable commenting on her colleague’s life and past relationships: “It still gives me a touch of modesty to talk about her, honestly, because it must be a trust for Jime that we are naming her in this. I always liked her, re good. Lifelong”.

This is how the question fell into the cycle of The thirteen and Rojas explained why they were unfollowed on Instagram: “She stopped following me before when she cleaned people up and well, later as I saw that she wasn’t following me …”

“So the conchuda attack caught you? You don’t follow me, neither do I? “he asked without filter Yanina Latorre trying to understand the reason for their actions. However, the guest was serene and revealed that it was “something of life”: “No, it wasn’t that. We had already lost the link even to speak, but it was long before all this. It has nothing to do with anything. “

“She stopped following me before when she cleaned people up and well, later as I saw that she was not following me … We had already lost the link even talking, but it was long before all this”

In addition, when they then asked him what was bothering him about Jimena’s profile, Rojas joked: “I was bothered by the back that he has! It bothers me to see her naked and see her back! No, all good. They are those things that happen ”.

On the other hand, to establish that he still has a special affection for the ex-partner of Daniel Osvaldo, Sabrina complimented her as a singer-songwriter: “She made hymns for women, I admire her a lot as an artist, I love how she writes, she has to write more. We all went The silly, The Cobra and Involution flower”.

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