Sacha Durán, the marketer who undertakes with natural exfoliants
Sacha Durán sells her creations through social platforms.
Among its varieties, it has coconut, lemon, rosehip, coffee and strawberry soaps.

Skin care is essential for human beings because this organ is exposed to agents that can generate changes that are detrimental to health. Dust, sun exposure, and weather are factors that cause wear and tear on our skin, so it is very important to have a cleaning and care routine.

Aware of the importance of skin hydration, the entrepreneur Sacha Durán started her Snas Organic project, an initiative that seeks to provide customers with the necessary tools for good skin health through handmade soaps and exfoliants.

According to the young businesswoman, who has a degree in Marketing, her products are made with 100 percent natural ingredients and are free of preservatives and dyes.
Sasha tells elCaribe that she decides to start this business after carrying out several craft soap production workshops, knowledge that she reinforced with YouTube videos.

“One afternoon at home I thought I needed to do something to generate extra income, and that’s when I decided to take a course on hair products. However, from the experience of some friends who did it, I saw that it was not profitable…and I said no, I want something that is less burned, handmade soaps”, she narrated. The businesswoman found a workshop that not only taught her how to prepare soaps, but also facial and body scrubs.

Among its varieties, it has coconut, lemon, rosehip, coffee and strawberry soaps. “I was delighted with my workshop and immediately began to produce and sell by unit and wholesale for girls who wanted to sell,” she says.
He also specified that he is in charge of manufacturing the products and the clients who buy large quantities place the labels on him. Sacha says that these wholesale sales have significantly changed his income due to the demand from clients in the interior of the country.

You can contact Durán through the Instagram network at @Snasorganic07 or at the number 849-797-6298.

In addition to soaps, Sacha prepares bath salts, Bath Boms, aromatic and therapeutic candles; bleaching creams, and droppers for hair loss and growth.

The 29-year-old, who is a native of Cayetano Germosén, municipality of Moca, recalls her childhood as a fun stage full of unforgettable experiences created together with her mother, siblings and grandparents. “My dad always took us to the beach on Sundays… There wasn’t a weekend that he didn’t take us out for a walk,” he says wistfully.

She narrates that at the age of eight her father traveled with her and her four brothers to the city of Santo Domingo, where they started a new residence. Sacha, who was the oldest of five siblings, says that her parents instilled in her a love for work, responsibility and the discipline to fight for dreams.

She affirms that since she was a child she was very hard-working, obtaining her first job at the age of 13 as a model in a clothing store. “With the little that they paid me in the store, I bought things to sell, such as makeup, creams, underwear, among other things, I always kept selling,” she emphasized.

The entrepreneur, upon graduating from university, decides to work in her sister’s beauty salon as an administrator and as an acrylic nail artist.

He defines his initiative Snac Organic as a project of natural products to take care of the skin of his clients. “I chose the name SNAS because they are the initials of the names of my children, mine and my sister, Sacha, Natacha, Alysa and Sebastian,” she explains.


Sacha Durán recommends young entrepreneurs not to be afraid to pursue their dreams until they achieve it.
“God first, without him nothing. I would tell everyone who wants to undertake that they should not be afraid to take the plunge, because in life you always have to take risks to achieve success. Get out of your comfort zone and eat the world to achieve your dreams, ”he urges.

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