Sagittarius weekly horoscope: This is how the next week from 17.01.  - 01/23/2022

Sagittarius weekly horoscope from January 17th – 01/23/2022 | Horoscope for week 03: Everything about love, work and health. ✓ free ✓ for man & woman | DAY24

Fully charged with cosmic energy, no directional decision or goal in the future appears for woman and man in the zodiac sign Sagittarius in the Horoscope week from 17.01. – 23.01.2022 impossible. The free weekly horoscope for Sagittarius indicates that their passion puts a strain on relationships and partnerships could.

Will your expectations come true in the future? The stars know what is in store for Sagittarius:

love and partnership

Life is a gift for you, it promises to be harmonious. Privately you are in harmony and grief is a thing of the past. Feelings should not be neglected, treat your partner sensitively. Everything passes almost without a trace on happy people. Anyone who is sensitive feels a great deal of insecurity and should reconsider their behavior. But don’t let the wind get out of your sails. Right now you have a super sensual charisma.

health and fitness

How would it be if you could really relax more often? Positive thoughts also inspire you physically. You feel strong and up to any situation. However, you are not infinitely resilient, do not exhaust your reserves of strength until you drop.

career and finances

A little more fairness in dealing with colleagues would suit you quite well. Your behavior is slowly contributing to an unpleasant working atmosphere. Someone is trying to unsettle you with strong criticism. You work with clear thoughts and have the ability to plan undertakings precisely and carry them out reliably. You tried so hard and showed commitment. The recognition is still a long time coming, but it will come.

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