Said Musa exhibits Greco-Roman works
Said Musa and Altagracia Mella Russo.

The Casa Mella Russo art center inaugurated the exhibition of the artist Said Musa, composed of works of different formats and techniques such as ceramics, painting and wood.

In this striking collection, viewers can delve into the universe of Musa, with wonderful Greco-Roman evocations, masterfully worked in ceramics. The event was led by the director of the Casa Mella Russo Museum, Altagracia Mella Russo and the artist Said Musa.

That container of the unexpected that is always the artist’s workshop, which can be seen in the four fabrics that accompany this show, allow us to glimpse through them the intimacy of his creative process.

Meanwhile, from the gear of time a fantastic machine emerges, a machine for sewing aesthetic mistakes, where the artist amazes the viewer with a work made of impeccably crafted wood. “From the back of the room we are watched stealthily by Eros, who blesses us with the colors of love.”

The exhibition consists of eleven works of different formats and techniques: ceramics, paint and wood. It is an approach to the artist’s workshop and the elements that Said uses in his art. It also has a great audiovisual work that makes an approach to the creative process of the artist. The works that make up this exhibition belong to the Casa Mella-Russo collection.

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