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From left to right: Laura Suárez, Yaimaris Martínez and Luis González. Photocomposition: Carlos Alvarado Ceruelo

The three Cuban athletes who will take part in the sailing tournament of the I Pan American Games in Cali-Valle-2021, have the objective of being in the first five places of their respective events.

The young Laura Suárez Ramírez, from Matanzas; Yaimaris Martínez Cervantes, from Ciego de Ávila, and Luis Giraldo González Pérez, from Cienfuegos, expressed that, although the conditions of the boats are not ideal, the dedication they put into each training session is the key to a good result.

“The preparation has gone well, although we have complications with the boats, especially with the table, which is not the right one for sailing, but we always give our best effort to reach the competition in full form,” agreed Suárez and González in statements to Granma.

In the waters of the Club Náutico, located on Lake Calima, headquarters of the youth Pan American sailing, Martínez will intervene in the women’s sailing table, while González will do it in the same modality between the men and Suárez will compete in the boat of a crew member for the ladies.

“The competition scenario is very different from where we train in our country, where the waves are higher, so the waves are shorter, and the wind forecast does not match the conditions in which we train regularly,” they said. .

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