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Trailer shows the characteristics of some districts and their very diverse population

Saints Row Receives New Trailer Highlighting St. Unharmed Districts


© Reproduction/Saints RowSaints Row Receives New Trailer Highlighting St. Unharmed Districts

the channel of Saints Row on YouTube this Tuesday (12) revealed a new trailer highlighting the districts of Santo Ileso, detailing the characteristics of each region and the type of population that lives in each location, some being quieter, others more popular with options for the Saints profit.

The new Saints Row is a completely new story, in which the four friends come together in search of success in Santo Ileso. However, they will face many problems ahead and enemy factions that will try to impede their success, such as the Los Panteros, The Idols and Marshall factions.

The main highlight of the trailer is the differences of each region, as it completely changes the factions that are in control and also the difficulty the Saints will have for a successful onslaught – which shows a lot of what they will have to face on the journey.

Saints Row will be released on February 25, 2022 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X platforms | S and PC via Epic Games Store. The Idols Anarchy Pack set will be given away to everyone who pre-orders the game (on any platform).

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