Salamanca: They kill Martín when he went to his car on Expiatorio street in Rinconada San Javier

Salamanca, Guanajuato – Martín was driving his car when he suddenly saw men on motorcycles following him, but he could not escape and they killed him.

The chase was on the streets of the colony Rinconada San Javier shortly before 2:30 in the afternoon this Thursday.

In the Expiatorio street between Xolotl and Amado Nervo At least seven detonations of firearms were heard, which interrupted the lunch hour of several inhabitants of the streets.

As they looked out onto the street, they saw a brand-name car Toyota, red sedan type, with bullet holes in his left side and inside, the driver badly wounded, for which they asked for help from the emergency number 911.

It’s Martín, some of the people on a motorcycle were running around him ”, commented some of the residents of the area.

Lifeguards tried to revive him, but he was already dead

After the arrival of the agents of the Municipal police, requested support from the paramedics of the Red Cross who, upon arriving and checking the victim, reported that he no longer had vital signs.

While touring the scene, the elements of the municipal police located some small caliber percussion shells, for which they proceeded to cordon off the scene, giving part of the death to the Public ministry.

Later, investigating agents arrived as well as experts and the Forensic Medical Service to transport the body to the amphitheater and perform a necropsy.

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