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The ANFP has already announced the day and time for the sale of tickets for the Super Cup match at Ester Roa.

The Super Cup will be played at Ester Roa de Concepción.
© UNO AgencyThe Super Cup will be played at Ester Roa de Concepción.

The first official game of the 2022 season on the Chilean Soccer First Division It is already scheduled for national football fans to celebrate with all the return of the competition.

And it will be an unmissable match for the Chilean Super Cup, where will he face Colo Colo Y Catholic University. The albos as the champions of the Chile Cup 2021 and UC as champion of national tournament 2021, they will play everything to be the super champion at the beginning of the year.

And the game is not a small thing either, considering the rivalry between both teams in the final of the National Championship, with the crusaders managing to surpass the Cacique and signing their four-time championship. Sebastián Galani and Lucas Melano They are for now the new faces of the Catholic.

In the case of the albos, Cristián Zavala, Esteban Pavez and Martín Lucero are the reinforcements for this year and add to the permanence of Leo Gil, Pablo Solari and Emiliano Amor.

And with almost a week to go before the match in Concepción, the ANFP announced the day that tickets to see at Ester Roa will go on sale the great match between both casts.

Ticket sales Colo Colo vs U. Católica? When do they go on sale?

It is Friday, January 14 at 11:30 am in Chile Tickets for the Chilean Super Cup between Universidad Católica and Colo Colo are on sale.

Where to buy tickets for Colo Colo vs U. Católica?

The sale of tickets for the Chilean Super Cup can be purchased at this Friday, January 14 from 11:30 a.m.

When is the Chilean Super Cup between Colo Colo and Universidad Católica?

The Super Cup with Colo Colo vs Universidad Católica is scheduled for January 23 at 7:00 p.m., in the Ester Roa de Concepción.

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