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The edible gold trend is conquering the dishes of all the cuisines of the world and even menus that integrate gold to its entire menu are becoming a trend on social networks, an example of this is the menu of the restaurant Nusr-ET Steak House of the famous chef Turkish Salt Bae, where there is a golden cappuccino.

Salt Bae’s golden cappuccino

The cappuccino that is adorned with a 24 carat gold leaf It is valued at an approximate of 1,368 Mexican pesos and according to the review of the English journalist Zak Garner Purkis ensures that gold does not add a differentiating flavor to the cappuccino And although the coffee is good the price is outrageous.

What puzzled the journalist the most was that when they serve the drink it looks like a normal coffee with a gold square on top that does not allow you to see the content of the drink. When drinking the sensation of the gold leaf sticking all over your mouth and even in the hands is another of the things that the journalist points out that they were not to his liking.

“When I took my first sip of the ‘golden cappuccino’ I couldn’t help but tear off a loose corner of the gold leaf, which immediately covered my finger with golden fragments, I didn’t know whether to eat them or put them together and put them in my pocket. In the end I ended up with gold teeth and lips, ”says Zak Garner Purkis in a My London article.

The idea of eat gold It forces diners not to want to waste a single piece and even I felt obliged to eat the remains of the gold with a spoon so as not to waste the remains of the shiny 24-karat blade, the journalist relates. on the My London web portal.

The journalist from My London He concludes by saying that the success of the Salt Bea restaurant lies in the show he does when he brings the dishes to the diners’ table, as it gives them elements to post “different” videos on Instagram stories and people see that you eat “Golden Menu”.


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