Salta: a councilwoman was recorded while driving on top of a man and looking for alcohol

A councilor elected in Salta starred in a controversial video, which began to cross social networks on Tuesday, November 23, in which she is seen driving a vehicle while sitting on top of a man and looking for alcohol.

The episode took place when Soledad Gramajo Salomón (United for Salta), decided to be part of a meeting between friends. Ironically, Solomon She had also served as a judge of the Administrative Court of Misdemeanors.

At one point that night, both the councilor and the companions ran out of alcoholic beverages and decided to get in a vehicle and go in search of more. Shortly after, a woman in the back seat begins recording what happens.

The video corresponds to the moment in which they begin to circulate with the car until they arrive at a store to buy alcohol. Throughout the journey, Gramajo manipulated the gearbox and the steering wheel, sharing the driving with the man.

“This Friday is terrifying, these two want to drive like this”, she is heard saying to one of the passengers of the vehicle, while filming the sequence. “Sole, what are you doing? I put the change ”, tells the councilor, preventing a possible car accident.

Immediately afterwards, he begins to insist: “Give it, it’s going to be 12, that’s how we look for alcohol, give it”. It was those sayings that made clear the objective of the night walk through the streets of Salta. It was not yet clear whether Solomon was drunk.

PRO councilor insulted the policeman who stopped him for driving drunk

Another comment that stands out in the recording, which lasts about a minute, was made by the driver of the vehicle, who told Gramajo before arriving at the store: “It’s for your staff to stop us now.”

After the footage went viral on social networks, collaborators of the mayor Bettina Romero acknowledged in dialogue with Infobae that the communal representative I considered asking you to step aside and not take over in response to your misconduct.

However, it would not be the first time. During his time at the Court, city councilors had also requested his resignation after warning that he had participated in an act of political campaign, an activity prohibited by current legislation in Salta.

They based on the fact that said facts “generate incompatibilities of the function” and cited article 155 of the Provincial Constitution, which states that “judges and secretaries cannot carry out partisan political activities.”


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