Salvador determines the use of cameras in security uniforms

		Salvador determines the use of cameras in security uniforms
Photo: Disclosure.

The mayor of Salvador, Bruno Reis, sanctioned this Thursday (16th), the law that makes mandatory the use of surveillance cameras on the uniform of security guards in shopping malls in the capital of Bahia.

According to the law, the installation will occur gradually within a maximum period of one year. The change is already starting to be applied from this Thursday (16), the date of publication in the Official Gazette of the Municipality.

Also according to the law, equipment for capturing and recording images must have sufficient resolution, in addition to a “zoom” type tool and a print option to identify offenders and situations that have occurred. The cameras will also bring light sensitivity compatible with local lighting for physiognomic identification of people or situations.

The images taken by the cameras on the uniforms will be preserved for at least one year. The irregular use of images, as well as their disposal, will make the accused liable civilly, criminally and administratively.

The inspection will be the responsibility of the shopping center administrator and public safety.

The city hall claims that the measure aims to guarantee the production of evidence for administrative investigation, safety in approaches, evaluation of work and the progressive legal use of force in approaches.


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