Salvador will gain 836 new bus stops

Salvador will gain 836 new bus points and 200 taxi points, which will have information on the weather, waiting times for buses and other technological resources. The information was released by Mayor Bruno Reis, this Tuesday (28).

According to the municipal manager, by 2027, bus stops, taxi ranks, trash cans, public clocks and bicycle racks will be implemented, renovated and computerized, in order to guarantee more comfort, safety and information for those who use public transport and depend on traffic. for daily commuting.

Implementation will be carried out on the basis of the City Hall’s contract with Eletromidia, the national Out of Home media vehicle. According to the concession signed in January, through the Municipal Department of Urban Development (Sedur), the company will be responsible for installing, maintaining and computerizing the equipment for a period of 20 years.

Out of Home (OOH) media is one of the main forms of advertising in public, large circulation and outdoor places and aims to reach people during their journeys away from home.

concession contract was divided into two lots. The first refers to the information and urban cleaning system, which provides for the installation and maintenance of 200 clocks, 50 variable message boards and 25 directories, in addition to the installation of 3,000 rubbish bins. The second comprises the transport system of the Bahian capital with the installation and maintenance of 836 bus shelters, 200 taxi shelters and 500 bicycle racks.

According to José Carlos Jr., Director of Institutional Relations at Eletrônica, a partner of the City Hall in the action, the structure of the new bus stops was designed exclusively for the reality of Salvador, according to the characteristics of the Bahian capital.

“It was a design that was totally thought of Salvador, its particularities and needs. We have two lots contracted. The first concerns bus shelters, with 836 collective shelters and 200 for taxis,” he said.

According to him, the shelters are made up of a cover, bench, side lock, glass with a lock at the bottom, USB charger and night lighting.

This equipment will be delivered according to the schedule established between 2023 and 2027. This year, 180 bus shelters, 50 bicycle racks, 100 clocks, 5 variable message boards and 300 trash cans will be installed.

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