Sami Haenen guilty of press misdemeanor and threat, free...


On Wednesday afternoon, the court of assizes of Liège found Sami Haenen guilty of a press offense and threat. He goes free for inciting hatred.

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The 44-year-old resident of Flémalle in Wallonia had to answer to the people’s jury for allegedly threatening women and feminists on social media and also inciting hatred and violence against women. After four hours of deliberation, the verdict followed.

The facts happened between 12 and 19 October last year. The posts were spotted by Interpol Paris, which signaled that a Belgian was spreading hate speech on social media and shared a video claiming to be “the new Elliot Rodger”. Rodger committed a mass murder in the US state of California in 2014. Six people were killed in the atrocity. Fourteen others were injured.

Two other people had also noticed the threats in the messages from Haenen, who under a pseudonym expressed hateful comments about women and feminists. It was a press offense as the man shared his written messages online.

He published on the Facebook, Twitter and Bittube channels under the pseudonyms ‘Mike Dubois’ and ‘Sammy van Arabia’.

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