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A digital influencer Sammy Lee , 23 years old, always shares moments with her child on her social networks. Jake, fruit of your relationship with youtuber Pyong Lee. In a conversation with Caras Digital, the actress spoke about the personal growth after the birth of your firstborn.

“Having an innocent life 100% dependent on me is a huge key to maturity. I can’t believe that three years ago I thought like I thought, I feel like a different person, completely different. When it comes to us, we are always flexible, but when it comes to a child, everything is very well defined”, she told me.

“He loves water, swimming, nature, fruits and animals. He is very determined, he knows what he likes and what he doesn’t like too. He’s very charismatic, he says hello to everyone who sees it, and he’s also very explorer, he loves to know new things”, said the actress.

Despite having evolved as a person after pregnancy, Sammy said he can’t sleep very well because of breastfeeding: “Jake still breastfeeds, and the fact that he’s been sleeping with me since he was born makes it ‘easy’ for him to breastfeed all the time. This ends up disturbing my sleep a lot”

About Jake’s pregnancy, the influencer revealed that she had health problems. “I had anemia at the beginning of pregnancy, I didn’t eat very well, that’s why I was very sick. She vomited 12 times a day until the sixth month of pregnancy. vomited even water.”

“One of the great gifts of being a mother is to look at my child’s face and all the problems in the world disappear. His happiness is mine. Every little learning from him becomes a great pride of mine. I know exactly what I want in Jake’s life, and I’ll fight for it like a lioness”, concluded.

Hospitalized with pain

Not long ago, Sammy Lee was rushed into hospital with severe pain in his arm. After receiving medical discharge, the digital influencer used her social networks to tell all the difficulties she experienced.

“I spent almost all these days without sleep, because I felt a lot of pain in my arm. They gave me very strong pain medications, which I even vomited because it was so strong, and my pain wouldn’t go away. I got high from so much medicine and the pain didn’t stop. Look how scary this is,” she said.

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