Samsung in the Czech Republic is updating Galaxy S21 on Android 12. We have the first screenshots for you

If you have already updated the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra to Android 12, you can use the new Expert RAW photo application from Samsung, which is intended for photography professionals. The application is currently only available in South Korea, but if you download its installer, you will run it on the Galaxy S21 Ultra in the Czech Republic. And what is the biggest news of this photo application? In Pro mode, you now have access to telephoto lenses, albeit at the cost of a separate photo application.

Expert RAW installer from Samsung you can download here. After installation, the Expert RAW icon will appear in the main menu, after launching you will need to enable several permissions. With this photo application, you can count on ISO, shutter, EV, focus and white balance settings. In addition, there is a metering, timer, HDR and histogram, and you have access to all four cameras when shooting, including 3 × and 10 × optical zoom lenses.

After the photo is taken, photos are taken in RAW (Linear DNG 16bit) as well as lossless JPEG, which are stored in a separate Expert RAW folder. While the JPEG is about 5 MB in size, the DNG file is 8 to 10 times larger, and you can open it directly in the file browser for editing in the Adobe Lightroom photo editor. All you have to do is upload the appropriate profiles from Samsung for the “best” editing, which you can download again here. Then you can “magic” directly on the mobile with the photos you took in RAW. And this also applies to zooms.

Introducing the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra:

In the near future, the Expert RAW photo application, according to the source, should soon be released for the Galaxy S21 + or Galaxy Tab S5e.

Source Samsung Community

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