DDR5 RAMs are around the corner.  Samsung will start mass production next year

As he promised last year, this year he is fulfilling. Korean manufacturer yesterday announcedthat the new line producing DDR5 chips is already running at full capacity. This will satisfy the demand of future servers and supercomputers that will start using them. The company is not talking about deployment in classic desktops or notebooks yet.

Samsung uses the fourth generation “10nm-class” process for DDR5, which it referred to as 1a last year (1x, 1y and 1z each). In the current report, he writes about it as about 14nm. However, this is not ruled out, the 10nm class is considered to be everything by 19 to 10 nanometers. Koreans will also use five EUV layers for memory, while they used these lithographs for logic chips for up to 7nm lines and more advanced ones.

Thanks to an improved process, Samsung was able to increase the density by 20% between generations and at the same time reduce consumption, also by 20%. The new memories will offer higher capacity and be more economical. Samsung wants to produce DDR5 with a frequency of up to 7200 MHz in this process.

The company also says in the announcement that it wants to increase the capacity of the chips to 24 Gb, so the first versions will probably offer the classic 16 Gb. Larger capacities would make it possible to produce modules of non-traditional sizes that would fill gaps in supply. In addition to modules with capacities of 8, 16, 32, 64… GB, those with 12, 24, 48, 96 GB and their multiples could stand.

DDR5 is already produced by SK Hynix:

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