TESTED: The Samsung Wireless Charger Trio charges the watch, phone and headphones

Samsung will launch a charging adapter into the socket with a maximum power of up to 65 W in the coming weeks. At this time, no smartphone made directly by Samsung can recharge – for example, the current flagship Galaxy S21 Ultra only supports 25 W.

However, the charger with three USB outputs is intended as a multifunctional device for simultaneous charging of up to three different devices, such as a smartphone, watch and laptop. The 65W output is primarily intended for recharging laptops with the USB-C Power Delivery connector. The other two are then in power values ​​of 25 W (USB-C) and 15 W (USB-A).

Genuine accessories will be sold under the name Power Adapter Trio with the manufacturer’s code EP-T6530 in black. Some Czech e-shops have already listed the charger in their offers. Availability is most often stated in mid-December and the price is around CZK 1,500.

There are many similar multi-chargers on the market, but mostly from third-party manufacturers, not directly from smartphone brands. The stated rated power is divided between them, the maximum values ​​and thus the charging speed can be achieved by connecting one device with full supported power.

Via: Winfuture.de

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