Samuel García Influencer Mariana Rodríguez Cantú.  'There is no fine', Mariana Rodríguez celebrates 'singing' the ruling on sanction of Samuel García

New Lion. The influencer Mariana Rodriguez I do not delay in ‘celebrating’ that the Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judicial Power (TEPJF) annulled the sanction against her husband and elected governor Samuel Garcia for the posts she made through Instagram during the election campaign.

Mariana Rodriguez Upon learning of this failed, he reacted in that network and “sang” to the councilors of the National Electoral Institute (OTHER).

Throughout the afternoon, Mariana Rodriguez Cantú followed the TEPJF session in which it would be announced if the sanction imposed by the INE for more than 55 million pesos would or would not proceed against the elected governor of Nuevo León.

Through stories, the same resource that accredited the fine by the inspection unit of the electoral body, Mariana rodriguez He shared segments of the positions of the magistrates, while applauding them for agreeing with him.

However, it was until the ruling was known, by seven votes in favor and zero against, that the influence He showed his face in the publications and, with a smile, “sang” to the INE advisers the decision of the Electoral Tribunal to revoke the sanction of 55 million pesos.

There is no fine, INE, there is no fine, “he intoned in his Instagram stories.

Earlier, he thanked “all those thinking people” who used their logic and allowed the vote to go unanimously in favor.

The Court annulled the fine of 55 million pesos for the support I gave Samuel during the campaign. Thanks to all those thinking people who use their logic and who voted in favor today, 7 to 0, unanimously, “he said.

However, he omitted to say that, according to the resolution of this Tuesday, the magistrates determined that Samuel Garcia if it were sanctioned for the music video “Arráncate Nuevo León”, although with an amount modified by the INE.

On July 22, the INE general council of the INE sanctioned the Citizen Movement with 55.4 million pesos and with 448 thousand 946 pesos to Samuel Garcia for the “contributions in kind” made by the influencer Mariana Rodriguez, which was classified as malicious conduct.

On that occasion, more than a month after winning the elections as governor of Nuevo León, the bill was approved by eight votes in favor and three against, where it was established that Mariana Rodríguez hid the truth from the supervisory authority in relation to their advertising and digital marketing services through publications on their social networks to benefit the campaign of Samuel Garcia.

It was exposed that, due to his more than 1.8 million followers in his networks Mariana Rodriguez Cantú was considered a “top influencer” who, during the 90 days of the campaign, called for a vote in favor of her husband, championed his proposals and “it can be said that she endorsed the campaign by calling to vote (…) , when I did not have the quality of a candidate ”, all this in a systematic and consistent way, said the counselor Adriana Favela.

Also, according to a calculation of the control unit, the contributions of the influencer are quantified in 27.8 million pesos, in addition to 60 thousand pesos for the appearance in a video called “Arráncate Nuevo León Rock”.


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