Samuel Rosa cites Bahian artists as inspiration for Skank

Image: Lucas Andrade/ iBahia

The lead singer of the band Skank, Samuel Rosa took advantage of the band’s farewell show, which takes place this Saturday (11), at Arena Fonte Nova, in Salvador, to talk about the band’s relationship with Bahia. During the show, Samuel cited Margareth Menezes and Lazzo Matumbi as inspirations for the group.

“Bahia has already given a lot to Skank. There is no other place where we were honored as much as here, by musicians from Salvador”, said the musician, who mentioned the songs produced in partnership with Daniela Mercury.

Accompanied by the audience, the vocalist sang the song “Minas com Bahia”, a partnership between Daniela and Samuel. “The Northeast is an incredible thing, to understand Brazil you have to understand the Northeast. Anyone who is from Minas Gerais is also a little Bahian”, joked the artist with the public.

With a repertoire full of the band’s greatest hits, Skank stirs up a crowd of Bahian fans who enjoy the band’s last show in the capital. See video:


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