The streets full of traffic, long lines in several strategic places and a great flow of people in the main points of commercial activity, is what is perceived when setting foot in San Cristóbal, one of the 32 most populated provinces in the country.

Upon reaching the vaccination centers, full of people looking for the third and fourth doses of PfizerDr. Puello, who is one of those in charge of inoculating people, assured that between Thursday and Friday around 180 people attended to be vaccinated and most of them are over 40 years old, so they receive an estimated 100 to 200 people.

While adolescents and minors, according to the doctor, continue to be a minority, since many parents are reluctant to inoculate their children.

as in others vaccination centers, attendance after the Christmas holidays has increased in search of inoculation with the third dose and some even the fourth. Several of the citizens who were being vaccinated with the fourth dose indicated that they have never felt any symptoms or complications, and that they were willing to accept up to a fifth dose of the biological, if necessary.

Likewise, the Ministry of Public Health has implemented house-to-house vaccination in several sectors of Madre Vieja and other places in the area.

While schools and educational centers are another story, since the absence of teachers and students in centers such as Juan Pablo Duarte, Liceo Juan Pablo Pina and others in the area was evident, since most were closed or had returned to classes. virtual.

One of the teachers at Liceo Juan Pablo Pina indicated that due to the pandemic situation in San Cristóbal, with increasing cases and quite high hospital occupancy, they had decided to start teaching through technological platforms such as WhatsApp and Zoom.

Contrary to the other high schools in the area, the Marcos Castañer Educational Center continues with face-to-face classes, but with minimal attendance by students and faculty. Is school was one of those visited by the education minister, Roberto Fulcar, to supervise the start of classes on January 13.

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House-to-house vaccination in San Critóbal Photo: Dania Acevedo

PCR tests and hospitals

The San Cristóbal sports center is one of the centers authorized by Public Health to carry out tests to detect COVID 19.

Dr. Pedro Jiménez indicated that after the regrowth, between 150 and 200 tests are carried out daily. The first reason why individuals go for tests is because they have already had contact with an infected person.

While the others go for work reasons and because they have had symptoms, the least sought after are for travel reasons.

“People start arriving around 5:00 in the morning, even though we open at 8:00; immediately we proceed to fill out the forms and at around 11:00 in the morning we have already finished the day. The days where more people come are Monday and Wednesday”, explained the doctor.

Meanwhile, the Juan Pablo Pina Hospital is one of the places where they have a unit to care for patients with COVID-19, in which 5 to 6 patients affected by the omicron variant are admitted per day, while the most serious cases are due to the delta variant.

“Deaths have decreased considerably and the maximum duration of patients admitted to the ICU Covid are three days and treated with antibiotics. Most of those who are admitted to the unit are patients with respiratory complications or diabetes,” said the hospital’s emergency physician, Bianca Jiménez.

The doctor also indicated that infections have increased twice as much as in the same period last year, but that lethality has dropped considerably, since the patients who die are very old and have chronic health problems.

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