San Francisco Soccer Tournament: Dr Pepito, Mariscos El Barco and Nicolás Bravo fight for the lead

La Piedad, Michoacán.- Two days have already been played in the traditional soccer tournament in the San Francisco neighborhood, Dr. Pepito, Seafood The Boat and Nicolas Bravo they are leaders of the competition with four points each, so they are shaping up to be the favorites for the crown.

In the case of Dr. PepitoWhat does the doctor command? Jose Luis Bernal, added a victory on the opening day, after beating 4-0 at Coca workshop, while on date two, he equaled zero goals against his counterpart from Sinpa.

For its part, Seafood The Boat also came out with victory on matchday 1 of the tournament, after winning by a score of 2-1 to Real Zone and thus generated his first three points of the championship, while on Monday he tied with a score of 1-1 against Nicolas Bravo to get to four units.

In the afternoon of this Tuesday they faced Coca workshop in view of Real Zone, both without points until before that game, so whoever has won will only add 3 units, but the first place goes to El Barco and Pepito.

So they go: Dr. Pepito (4 points), Seafood El Barco (4 points), Nicolas Bravo (4 points), Sinpa (1 point), Coca workshop (0 points), Real Zone (0 points).

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