San Marino supports Sputnik V - Rossiyskaya Gazeta

At a meeting with Russian Minister of Health Mikhail Murashko, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs of San Marino Luca Baccari announced the high efficacy and safety of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine, which was widely used to immunize the population of this country, and expressed support for the registration of our drug at the international level.

“In a pandemic, we need to be guided by efficiency, not political considerations,” said Luca Baccari during a discussion on the mutual recognition of certificates of vaccination against coronavirus infection. We will remind that earlier in the EU the certificates of vaccination of citizens of San Marino who were vaccinated with “Sputnik V” were recognized as legitimate, but the European regulator EMA has not yet registered our vaccine.

“Today the Sputnik V vaccine is registered in 70 countries, the registration procedure in different countries, in different jurisdictions differs mainly in the package of documents and in the formation of the dossier itself,” said Mikhail Murashko.

The minister recalled that the high quality of the vaccine has been confirmed by numerous studies, including those abroad.

“The Italian Institute named after L. Spallanzani, having conducted a study of the effectiveness of the use of the vaccine, confirmed its high quality and high efficiency in the formation of immunity. Moreover, the study was carried out on the Italian territory,” added Mikhail Murashko.

During the visit of the San Marino delegation, many issues of possible cooperation in the field of health were discussed.

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