Santa Fe Klan beats Spider-Man!  Now the children want him at their birthday party (VIDEO)

Mexico.- No doubt Santa Fe Klan He is at his best, as he has not only conquered adults with his musical style and personality, because now even children see him as their idol, which has been reflected in some children’s celebrations.

Images of a couple of children’s celebrations circulate on social networks who, instead of choosing a superhero for their birthday theme, choose Santa Fe Klan.

It was the girl’s 6-year party Kessly the one that became viral in networks, as his photographs began to circulate and it drew attention that on his gift table there were photos of Angel Quezada, among other elements about the famous Guanajuato musician.

Santa Fe Klan conquers not only adults, but also children. Photo: Facebook

Even the little celebrant had two piñatas for her party with the image of Santa Fe Klan: One in the form of a caricature and the other realistic, which was forbidden to destroy, as it was worthy of collection.

One of little Kessly’s aunts was the one who recorded some moments of the children’s party and shared them on TikTok, where both the happy birthday girl and the mother wore a black shirt with the Santa Fe Klan logo printed on it.

Little Kessly can even brag that she has her photo with the Santa Fe Klan. Photo: Instagram

Erick also celebrates like Santa Fe Klan

But Kessly was not the only girl who celebrated her birthday Santa Fe Klan style, as little Erick also chose it for the theme of his party.

“Wacha Ángelito, Erick a small fan made his party with the theme @ santa_fe_klan_473”, reads an Instagram message next to the child’s photo.

Erick also chose the Santa Fe Klan for his birthday party. Photo: Instagram

At this celebration there were also photographs of the Santa Fe Klan on the gift table, and Erick was dressed as the singer of the song “Major League Baseball.”

But at this party they were also present “El Botas”, “Kiko” and “Chucky”, Santa Fe Klan friends who became famous after the musician spoke about them and recounted how they died in an interview with the comedian Franco Escamilla.

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