Santiago Cruz: "I have been relieved to have taken many things out of my heart"
The singer-songwriter Santiago Cruz will offer a concert on October 30 in Santo Domingo.

Digital platforms and streaming concerts are tools that helped artists to be close to the public in a very difficult time of the pandemic, but nothing better than live performances. The renowned singer-songwriter Santiago Cruz sees this matter in the following way: “virtual sex has its charm, but nothing like wallowing in bed with the person you love. The same thing happens with concerts ”.

For this reason, after a very long drought, returning to the stages of the Dominican Republic fills him with enthusiasm.

His return will be with “Santiago Cruz Sinfónico”, a musical concept that he has been doing for about eight years, and that Dominicans will be able to enjoy next October 30 at the “Eduardo Brito” National Theater.

“It is a very nice format, because it is like giving majestic clothes to songs. The truth is that it is a beautiful show and I am very happy to finally be able to take it to the Dominican Republic, which is a land that has always treated me with such generosity “, said the famous interpreter of” And if you stay, what? ” in a telephone interview with elCaribe.

He knows what songs cannot be missing from his concert, but he is also happy to be able to show people other pieces that shine a lot in this type of proposal. “They are very careful arrangements and where the traditional pop-rock band format is completely excluded,” he highlights. “I only go with the orchestra, which is a demanding exercise for someone who comes from the pop world; dispensing with the drums and those kinds of tools that one gets used to playing for 20 years. Now I put myself in the hands of a director and I let myself be carried away by the interpretation of these musicians (38) who are of a spectacular level ”, he added.

Hard times

During all this time of the pandemic, Santiago Cruz really enjoyed being with his family, which was something he could not do due to the amount of trips and presentations, but, at the same time, he missed the scenarios very much.

Other things he was able to do in the middle of confinement was to review many things in his life, he went through depressive episodes and peaks of creativity.

“Anyway, they have been unprecedented and strange times for everyone. We must be in these moments, those of us here, grateful for being on our feet and honoring the people who left us in these months, “said the 45-year-old Colombian artist.

From songs to writing a book

In addition, he dedicated his time to finish and publish his first book December, Again, where he reveals unpublished chapters of his family life, anecdotes, the origin of his songs, the unfortunate tweet about Diomedes Díaz and the deep admiration he feels for the Argentine singer-songwriter Fito Páez, among other things.

“It has been very interesting how people have received that honesty, that nudity, that vulnerability that is reflected in the book (…) I have been relieved to have taken many things out of my heart in this text that is cathartic and healing for me ”, He confessed.

The idea of ​​December, again emerges as a purely therapeutic exercise. “I think there is a complete relief there, if something else is missing I think someone else will have to say it,” he understands.

“In fact, I do it permanently through my songs, but here the exercise is much deeper, perhaps much more exposed,” he said.

Of course, the story of his father (who lost his life on a flight that marked his return to the world of drug trafficking) was the strongest to bring it to light and, well, all the episodes he spent in rehab and his addiction.

Was writing this book a way to recover and get out of that tunnel? “Undoubtedly. I do not know if I tunnel, I have not felt in any tunnel for a long time, but I do believe that taking this out of me, in the form of a text, helps me stay afloat at this moment of my life in which I try every day to be a better person, ”the multiple award winner responded.

Support for Dominican singer-songwriters

As he works to promote this book, he is excited to be back on stage after a year and eight months without being able to do so.

In addition, in musical terms, he is dedicated to supporting a good litter of young Dominican singer-songwriters who have germinated in recent years. On September 30, the collaboration with Alex Ferreira came to light, “She doesn’t like photos”, a very special song that has to do with the book and is part of a four-song EP, which will be titled Epilogue .

Also, recently Pavel Núñez premiered “El Gato Andaluz”, another featuring with Santiago. And if that wasn’t enough, she is working with Covi Quintana, who has just been nominated for a Latin Grammy.

“I like that that edge of music, as the singer-songwriter is, feels as healthy as it is feeling right now,” he pointed out, highlighting proposals such as Vicente García, Pavel Núñez, Covi Quintana, Alex Ferreira, Techy Fatule, among others.

He likes the urban
Urban songs are welcome too; the nice thing is that the music is wide and diverse and points to the different energetic and emotional points of the human being ”.

I am concerned about social and economic inequality; the concentration of wealth, the inability of the human being to put himself in the place of the other ”.

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