Diego Santilli and Martin Lousteau 20211013

Diego Santilli, the first candidate for national deputy for Juntos in the province of Buenos Aires, added this Wednesday radical senator Martín Lousteau to a tour of San Fernando, the first they share since the beginning of the campaign.

Is that the economist worked during the entire run prior to the PASO together with Facundo Manes, an opponent of “Colorado” in the internal opposition but now they are betting on a unified strategy for the general elections on November 14.

With the intention of polarizing and leaving behind third forces that can “steal” significant votes for the final countBoth Santilli and Lousteau gave a strong anti-Kirchnerist message, with criticism of the national government’s economic reactivation plan, educational policy and against insecurity.

“Our challenge is to recover the dignity and identity of Argentines. Our identity is to learn, work and live in peace. Those are the values ​​that this government questioned and we have to recover “, Santilli said, who took photos with residents of the municipality of San Fernando, administered by the massista Juan Andreotti.

The ‘Platita Plan’ does not finish feeling in the pockets before the elections

For his part, Lousteau regretted that “Kirchnerism has long shown disdain for the future” and he wondered if “the government’s measures are going to change the reality of the people and the answer is ‘no'”.

According to his reading, that attitude was shown “with the eternal quarantine, with a bad vaccination plan or by preventing presence in schools and now he does exactly the opposite without any rigor.”

“In the middle of that they start -as Tetaz says- with the ‘silver plan’ that it will have a later impact but luckily people already know what they have to do because we have already gone through many crises and that is to take that money to protect themselves from the consequences of the government’s decisions, “added Lousteau.

Campaign proposals

Santilli also referred to the educational field, one of the hardest hit during the pandemic and stressed that “we have to look for the 500 thousand young people who dropped out of school in the province of Buenos Aires. Second, we are going to make the evaluation mandatory. Third, an educational emergency law to solve the problems of equipment, infrastructure and connectivity of all schools “.

Regarding the proposals for small businesses, the congressional candidate insisted that “To generate work, we must accompany SMEs that are having a very bad time and we will propose to extend the moratorium until December 2022. Second, we are going to present a youth employment law so that all employers, businesses, SMEs and companies in our country that take young people between 18 and 35 years old do not pay employer charges to start activating the job round in the private sector ” .

On safety, he focused on the proposal to put the police back on the street, after the homicides that made the news in the last hours.

They murdered a 17-year-old boy when he went to school to steal his cell phone

“Every day in the province we see how insecurity and crime progress. The police must be brought out to the streets. There are fifteen thousand policemen who are doing administrative tasks that have to be on the street to prevent crime. There is a lack of political decision to resolve the growing insecurity that Buenos Aires residents suffer every day, “said Santilli.

The national deputy, Sebastián Salvador, the candidates for councilors, Agustina Ciarletta and Federico Fernández Storani, the candidate for national deputy, Danya Tavella and the provincial deputy, Alex Campbell also participated in the activity.


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