Santoro to Vidal: What happens to you who let your political boss investigate you?

The candidate for Buenos Aires deputy of the Frente de Todos, Leandro Santoro, on Wednesday, October 13, attacked the also applicant Maria Eugenia Vidal by asking: “What happens to you that you let your political boss investigate you? “

During the electoral debate organized by All News, and in the module between questions by candidates, Vidal questioned Santoro: “Don’t you think Alberto Fernández and Cristina have to ask Aníbal Fernández to resign because of what happened with Nik “.

Faced with the unknown, the candidate of the Frente de Todos retorted: “It is a discussion that I have to give in my political space. The question that I sometimes ask myself is the following: What is wrong with you who let your political boss investigate you? “ In this way, he referred to the case for alleged illegal espionage during the government of Cambiemos.

He then added: “That is more fucked up than sending a wrong tweet like the one Aníbal sent and yet it did not generate his rejection “. Faced with this reply, Vidal said: “It was not a wrong tweet. It was a tweet where he disclosed data on his daughters.”

Regarding the cause of illegal espionage during the Cambiemos government, he stated: “I am a plaintiff in the investigation because I was a victim. And since I am a complainant and I know the file, I know that there is no element that involves Mauricio Macri“.

Vidal started the debate by demanding that Alberto ask Aníbal Fernández to resign

In the last part of the exchange, Santoro insisted: “I am very interested in your being a plaintiff. The city policemen testified in front of the Bicameral Intelligence Commission, saying that they were spying on you“.

“They also spied on Cristina Kirchner and relatives of the ARA San Juan. And also, during your administration, during the 4 years you were governor, 7 AFI bases were set up. There, illegal espionage was allowed. Macri has to give explanations“, he concluded.


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