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Peixe now has 45 points, eight ahead of Bahia, the first team in the relegation zone of the Campeonato Brasileiro.

Peixe beat Fortaleza 2-0 (Photo: Fernanda Luz/AGIF)
Peixe beat Fortaleza 2-0 (Photo: Fernanda Luz/AGIF)

On Thursday night (25), the Santos won the strength 2-0 in Vila Belmiro, for the 35th round of the Brazilian championship. The triumph made Peixe reaching 45 points. Now, the team is very close to guaranteeing the permanence in Serie A, being, at this moment, eight points ahead of the relegation zone.

Santos started the game with everything. In the very first minute, Vinícius Zanocelo made a pass in the middle to Diego Tardelli, who beat placed. The ball went out with danger, to the left of Marcelo Boeck’s goal. The pressure from Santos continued in the 7th minute, in Angelo’s low cross, which Marcos Guilherme didn’t reach.

After a shot away from Zanocelo at 18, Fortaleza balanced the game and began to create opportunities. The team demanded two good saves from João Paulo: one at 29, with a header by Robson, and another at 36, with a shot by David from the left. In the last minute, Santos complained of a possible goal: Lucas Braga crossed for Marcos Guilherme, who submitted. Boeck worked the miracle on top of the line, which was endorsed by the VAR.

For the second half, Fábio Carille placed Marcos Leonardo and Gabriel Pirani in the vacancies of Diego Tardelli and Marinho. Santos came back different, creating opportunities at the beginning, and opening the score at 24, with a penalty kick. After Ronald touched his hand inside the area, the referee was forced to go to the monitor and pointed to the lime mark.

Marcos Leonardo went for the kick, which was bad, in the middle of the goal. Marcelo Boeck even touched the ball with his foot, but it slipped into the back of Fortaleza’s net. In the 44th minute, Marcos Leonardo scored with Gabriel Pirani and submitted beautifully, in Marcelo Boeck’s left corner.

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